Genuine builder references from some of our customers.

“We first got involved with Neil when a local electrician recommended him. On meeting we immediately trusted him and decided to go with Sellick and Saxton without proper competing bids. Things could not really have been smoother, they started on time, finished on time, pre approved all change requests (mostly us changing our minds / extra work) and billed as agreed. They were also tidy and as quiet as practical. The oak was far prettier than we ever imagined. Once the job was done they were very happy to come back to change some minor snags where the galvanised metal work was defective. If only everything in life was so easy.” – Peter H

“Whatever the work – from a bookcase to stables, Neil and Luke are passionate about their work. Excellent craftsmen.” – Barbara

“We received a detailed estimate that included items we had overlooked. They had clearly thought the whole project through in great detail. The price wasn’t the cheapest but we chose them because we felt comfortable leaving our extension project in their capable hands. They were a pleasure to work with. ” – Mr J Matthews

“Real craftsmanship on a project that went like clockwork from start to finish, and was completed on-schedule and on-budget. The drainage system has since proven to be extremely effective, coping easily with severe weather that caused extensive flooding elsewhere in the local area. Neil and Luke were thorough, considerate, gave us sound advice and took extraordinary trouble over every detail of the construction to produce a superbly finished building of which we are very proud. I am planning to use them again shortly on another project, and would recommend them without hesitation.” – Chris Protheroe

“I would happily recommend Sellick & Saxton” – Mrs Harris

“We chose Luke and Neil because they showed a clear understanding of the project. Only when I saw their work each day did I realise just what craftsmen they are. My green oak frame is one of the nicest things I’ve ever owned.” – Ian Elliot

“I have known Neil and Luke for many years and they always take pride in their work – whether of a small or large nature. They are reliable, polite and very pleasant people with whom to do business. They have undertaken work for myself and my neighbour and I can throughly recommend their work.” – Baroness J De Wykerslooth

“We got to know Luke & Neil really well when they were doing up our house. Absolutely top notch work and lovely guys too. Would highly recommend.” – Jane Washak